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Add a touch of beauty to your home or a bit of color to your business with beautifully designed landscape. K & G Landscaping can provide planting installations and designs to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. We offer expertise in designing landscapes that work with our local climate and terrain.

Landscape Design

Our certified landscape designer will conduct a personal consultation to ensure your new landscape design will be custom tailored to your home or business and created based on your landscape desires. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal. We will guide you in the proper placement, care, and maintenance of your plants, trees, and greenery to ensure a healthy start and minimize the maintenance throughout the years. Our design team is available all year round. It does not have to be summer to start planning your landscape design. Once your design is complete K & G Landscaping will provide you with a free estimate and the landscape installation can begin.

Stone Wall & Patios

Stone walls and patios can be constructed from a variety of bricks and stones. Stone walls and patios are made up of several elements brought together through design with consideration to texture, color, functionality, aesthetics, and location. Our certified landscape designer can help plan and install the perfect hardscape to your home, garden, or business. K & G Landscaping will provide you with a free estimate and the landscape installation can begin.

Mulch & Decorative Stones

If you want gorgeous curb appeal and increased value to your home, then adding mulch or stones to your landscaping is something to consider. Mulch or stone gives a polished look to your trees, shrubs, and flowers. 

Contact K & G Landscaping at (815) 622-4817 or jtkalina@comcast.net to see what options are available for you and will best fit your landscape structure and maintenance needs.

Tree Planting

K & G Landscaping has years of knowledge about different tree types, soils, and proper planting techniques. We make sure that it is done correctly the first time. 80% of tree failures are due to improper planting. Some important practices are site location and tree selection, site preparation, handling of the root, pruning, staking, and mulching.  
K & G Landscaping will educate you on how to maintain proper care on your new tree. Contact us today for your free estimate or request a quote.

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